Francesca Anderson ~ Instruction and Performance
Francesca Anderson has an enchanting way with the flute family. Whether on her main instrument, the silver flute, with its dozens of parts and pure tone, its smaller and larger versions, or a harmonizing double bore Native American wooden flute, Francesca captivates listeners with her skill and expression. One listener summed it up: "The evening went too fast. I was mesmerized by the music… thank you for giving us such a soulful evening.” Highly educated and deeply trained, she has performed with many Bay Area and Sacramento Region orchestras and ensembles, including the Folsom Lake Symphony Orchestra and the Camellia City Flute Choir. She maintains a busy private studio in El Dorado Hills, east of Sacramento. Click through the pages here to learn more!

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Photo: Tanya Wells, Aurora Portraits
"What a wonderful evening you offered to all of us gathered for the amazing artistry of Francesca and Daniel. And what a lovely presence they bring to their music." "One of the nicest evenings I've spent in a long time! Beautiful music, wonderful people." "Francesca and Daniel were terrific — really professional and yet very approachable. I especially liked the flute demonstration and the variety of pieces that they played." —Sacramento Groupmuse concert attendees, January 2018
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