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​"Daniel, to say that your performance with Francesca was the highlight of our Evening Classical Guitar Concert Series would be an understatement. From your first piece to the last the audience was captivated and enthralled. Your incredible musicality and subtle shaping of melody and harmony weaved a performance not to be forgotten anytime soon."
 — Robert Mathews, producer, Yuba College Evening Classical Guitar Concert Series. June 2013

What a wonderful evening. Both you and Francesca were a hit with everyone. Some of the comments I received were: 'The evening went too fast. I was mesmerized by the music.' 'This is what we moved here for. The music along with the education was brilliant.'
You raised the bar very high for the next performance. I can't thank you enough for creating a program that I had only envisioned. I will pass you name along to a few other associations that I know of. I will look into all three of your recommendations. 
Again, thank you and Francesca for giving us such a soulful evening." 
— Richard Garcia, Club Los Maganos, Brentwood , CA. Jan. 2013

"Please extend my appreciation to Francesca for today's smooth, golden-toned flute music. You are an excellent musical ensemble and I will recommend you whenever I can." 
 — Brad Slocum [Westminster Presbyterian Church Music At Noon Director] Jan. 2013

"Daniel and Francesca performed at Petroglyphe Gallery for our Sunday Summer Fine Arts Concert Series. The duo presents a wonderful selection of classical music with enlightening introductions before each piece. The audience, comprised of all ages, was impressed with their musical talent as well as their charm and humor. We look forward to another fine performance!" 
  —Marisa Chaffey, Denise & Roger Ebbett, Petroglyphe Gallery, Mokelumne Hill, CA Aug. 2012

“Daniel, Bravo for a wonderful performance yesterday. You and all your friends sounded just perfect. [A man] sitting behind me commented on Francesca’s solo Syrinx, 'The most beautiful flute solo I’ve ever heard!'  I couldn’t disagree with that at all. Warmest Regards,”
—Jim Banach Apr. 2011

“What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Daniel Roest and Francesca Anderson enthralled me with their beautiful performance. Accomplished is understated—informative is obvious; music to soothe the soul—absolutely. Experience this duo for yourself.”  
—Regina Maduell, Folsom Public Library.
Francesca Anderson ~ Instruction and Performance